Уроки (Lessons)

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Упражнения (Exercises)

Reading Practice

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Supplemental Exercises for Lesson 1

Упражнениe LookAtMe.Ru

Go to this link at Lookatme.ru and look over the title and headline. Don't worry if you don't understand everything--just try sounding them out. Then click on "Смотреть слайдшоу". The verb "смотреть" means "to watch" (you will encounter it again in Lesson 2). The noun "слайдшоу" is not a real Russian word, but rather a word borrowed from the English language. If you sound out the letters, what does the word transliterate to in English? 

Now you can practice transliterating from English into Russian yourself.  Type in the names below in Cyrillic; see how close you come to the correct spelling in Russian!

 Example:  Brad Pitt would be Брэд Питт