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Expanding the Circle

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This section is comprised of links to various Russian resources online. The idea is to encourage you to expand your knowledge beyond the classroom and textbook (and to have fun doing so).

Check out these illustrations from the Russian version of The Hobbit.

Or you can listen to a Russian toddler sing pop songs. You'll find the text under the video on its original Youtube page.

Singing babies not for you? You can also explore the .ru world:

Step One: Think of a website or company that you really enjoy, for example, MTV or Google.

Step Two: Type in the web address, but use ".ru" instead of ".com" (e.g., mtv.rugoogle.ru) 

In many cases you'll end up with the Russian version of the site. Note that sites like Facebook and Reddit either do not have an .ru address that works, or it redirects to the regular .com site.