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Expanding the Circle

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The following video, "History of USSR for children," is an irreverent and funny look at history, as illustrated by Lego figures. The following activity will help you further your understanding of the video:

1. СССР is the Russian equivalent of USSR; do an online search to figure out what the letters stand for in Russian.

2. The video makes references to several Soviet leaders: Ленин, Сталин, Хрущёв, Брежнев, Андропов, Черненко, and Горбачёв. Look up their photographs, which will help you understand some of the jokes in the video.

3. Do you recognize the reference to the мавзолей (mausoleum) in Красная площадь (Red Square)?

4. How do you say "Hurrah!" in Russian? 

5. Who was Гагарин? Find out more about him by searching the Internet. 

6. See if you can figure out what the phrase ПОМНИТЕ ИСТОРИЮ! means by consulting a dictionary.