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Russian Full Circle


This site contains supplementary materials for each of the lessons in the textbook, Первый Круг: Russian Full Circle, including audio for the vocabulary lists and dialogues, reading exercises, cultural content, and other links.  

Click on the "Getting Started" link up above to learn how to use the site, get practice with the Cyrillic alphabet, and help with typing in Russian.  Click on the lesson number on the sidebar for links to assignments, audio, and cultural content.

Why Russian?

Check out this page from RussNet to learn about the reasons why Russian has been and remains an important language to study, then read up on the language itself on this Russian language profile from UCLA.

Все любят котят! (Everyone loves kittens!)

O.K., even if you don't like kittens, you should watch this video and, with the help of the glossary below, see if you can understand what the woman is saying.


Words from this video

1. Тоша (TOH-sha) is the name of the cat.

2. Хватит спать (KHVA-tit   SPAT) means  "That's enough sleeping!"

3. Пойдём кушать (Pie-DYOM   KOO-shat) means "Let's go eat"